How To Know If Your Human Hair Wig Is Real

As women, we can relate to having been burnt once or twice after investing in what we thought was a human hair wig. The amount invested in such a purchase makes the ordeal even more daunting and severe. With so many counterfeits of human hair wigs in the market today, it’s easy to give up altogether.

However, there are ways that can help in distinguishing the real human hair wigs from the fake. One of the tips that are so often recommended by renowned stylists and experts is by feeling the texture of the hair. Yet, just this tip alone is not enough, as human hair wig counterfeits are getting more sophisticated over time.

Hence, in this article, we shall be looking at the best methods that aid in distinguishing real human hair wigs from the fake:

1. Research and Referrals

Be sure to do your research first. Click on well- known and trusted sites that offer reviews of the certain product you’d like to purchase. Reviews of people giving their honest and personal experience with a product are also recommended.
If the certain human hair wig in question comes highly recommended, then there are chances that it is the real deal.

2. Human Hair Wig Texture

After carrying out your research, it is time to put the recommended hair to the test. The best way to start is by checking the texture of the hair, prior to you purchasing it. Human hair, since it’s real, has the same texture that natural hair does.

The porosity of your hair will determine the texture of your hair. By smoothing your hand up and down a strand of your own hair, you’ll notice a difference in texture and smoothness. The hair should feel course when smoothing your fingers upwards over a strand. It should, however, feel smooth when rubbing your fingers downwards.

The same is true when it comes to human hair wigs. Human hair should feel and behave the same way when rubbing your fingers over a strand of hair. Fake or synthetic hair is smooth both ways.

3. Bleaching

Human hair is real hair, hence; bleaching it should be possible and very easy. Once you bleach human hair, it should change colour almost immediately. However, if it burns instead, the wig is definitely synthetic.


Because synthetic hair is made out of nylon; a material that doesn’t absorb colour at all.

4. The Burn Test

As previously mentioned, synthetic hair is made out of nylon. When nylon is placed on a flame, it tends to ignite, melt and even start dripping. When human hair wigs catch fire, they tend to burn. Yet, when you burn synthetic hair, it shrinks into a ball and melts.

5. Hair colour

Synthetic hair has colour built into its pigments. This is how synthetic hair acquires its varying options of hair colour. Moreover, synthetic hair wigs, once bought, never change colour once exposed to sunlight.

Real hair, as we all know, changes colour once exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. The sun emitted powerful UV rays, which often tend to naturally bleach our hair. This is why blonde hair tends to get lighter in colour after being exposed to sunlight.

Essentially, when purchasing authentic human hair wigs, always stick to natural colours.

6. Shedding of Hair

Normal hair tends to shed, especially when you comb it. Human hair wigs tend to do the same whenever we force a comb through them. The key factor to look out for is the level and amount of shedding.

If the wig you’ve purchased seems to be shedding way too much, it is synthetic. Fake hair tends to shed very easily, even by simply combing your fingers through it.

7. The Water Test

Real hair always curls up or gets wavy when it’s wet. So, why not put it to the test? Try spraying some water onto your wig and see how it reacts.

If it curls up as expected, you purchased an authentic human hair wig. If it doesn’t, then you purchased a synthetic wig.

If you prefer your human hair wig straight, don’t worry. You can easily hot iron it to get rid of the curls and waves. Synthetic hair will burn and smell really bad if you try to apply any form of heat to it.

8. The Cost

The cost of the wig you are trying to purchase is always a real indicator of what you may be purchasing. Stay away from cheap human hair wigs if you are trying to purchase the real one. Try and stick with the expensive kind instead, because these are likely expensive for a valid reason for being high-quality real hair.

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