As many fans of ladies wigs know, wigs are not one size fits all. When looking for a wig, several factors need to be taken into consideration including your face shape, preferred hair colour, and your personal style.

Many women who wear wigs know just how boring it can be to only have one style that suits you. Luckily, ladies wigs come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and textures. At LoveWigs, we offer ladies wigs to suit every style. Whether you want to look classy, sassy, or luxurious, we have a wig that will compliment your style. Here are just a few examples of the different styles we cater to:


We pride ourselves on our wide selection of ladies wigs. We have long ladies wigs, short ladies wigs, curly wigs, straight wigs, pixie wigs and so on – you name it and you can find it at LoveWigs. However, our long wigs are some of the most popular. We have long wigs of every texture, ranging from our long and curly Brittany wig to our long and straight Robin wig.

We also have many long and wavy wigs, which are quite a popular style at the moment. Our Diamond wig is a favourite among women who like romantic, hippie or beach waves styles. This long wig has gentle waves and comes in 22 different natural colours to fit anyone’s complexion. It’s a beautiful hand-tied, human hair wig with a lace front for the ultimate natural appearance. It’s also the most popular, longest length available in the Gem collection.


While long hair is always in style, mid-length ladies wigs have become extremely popular lately. At LoveWigs, we have a wide variety of mid-length wigs in different colours and styles to fit every personality.

If you’re into the retro mod look, you’ll fall in love with our 302 ladies wig. On the other hand, if you like lightweight feathered styles, our 105 ladies wig would be ideal. We also have wigs with wild curls, like our Calliope ladies wig, and mid-length romantic curls wigs like our Alana XO ladies wig.


In the past, many of our clients have struggled to find short ladies wigs that show off their spunky and creative styles. At LoveWigs, we have a wide variety of unique pixie wigs that perfectly suit this style. Whether you’re looking for something wavy, layered, choppy, or sleek, we have the ideal wig for you.

Classy wigs aren’t hard to find; however, it can be difficult to find high quality, durable classy wigs. Many of our clients are overjoyed when they come across our wide selection of short wigs, like our classy bob ladies wigs and spunky pixie ladies wigs.

Every Style

Here at LoveWigs, we are passionate about providing our clients with a wide selection of ladies wigs to suit every style. When it comes to wigs, it’s important that you wear one that compliments your features and matches your personality. If you’re new to wigs or want to check which wig style will best suit your face shape, check out our related blog article which matches the best wig style to the 7 different human face shapes here.

Women everywhere can find their perfect wig on our website. Whether you prefer long, short, or mid-length wigs – we have the wig you’ve been looking for. If you’re a wig connoisseur, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with our great range of ladies wigs instantly. View the full LoveWigs range here.

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