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Here at LoveWigs, we offer VAT exemption to customers who wear wigs for necessity reasons, and we make it super simple for you.

Customers who require wigs due to any medical reason, such as alopecia or hair loss, or as a result of chemotherapy treatment that causes hair loss, and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. If any of these reasons apply to you, then you are entitled to receive the VAT off the cost of your wig at the time of purchase.

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible for VAT exemption, please consult Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people available at HMRC Helpline or contact the National Advice Service on 0300 123 1073 before signing the declaration within our checkout page.

VAT exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to headwear, hairpieces or accessories.

A stunning lace front short wig with flicked edges and a tapered neck. Flattering to all face shapes.

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The Towa From the Sentoo Premium Collection is a stunning short style which is flattering to all face shapes.

The fringe which will sit just below the brow has been delicately thinned and sweeps naturally to the side, it can also be worn down and tousled for choppy textured look. The fringe blends in perfectly to the razor cut side layers which fall over the ears for great coverage. The layers which have been cut into this piece form some nice subtle flicks which add the perfect amount of volume.

The unique cap construction is suited to wearers wishing for a natural look. The specialised hand tied monofilament top creates the illusion of natural hair growth. The delicate lace front creates an invisible hair line which allows for off the face styling creating the perfect natural look. The lightweight, soft velvety cap would suit wearers with sensitive scalps. Sentoo Premium wigs are listed as Petite Average. However, the vast majority of our customers who wear this range are an Average size. There are adjustable straps which can be tightened or loosened to fit the size of your head.

The Towa with its subtle flicks and tapered neck give a stunning feminine silhouette.

Sentoo Premium - Monofilament Top with Lace Front

This cap features a hand tied monofilament top which will give the perfect natural look and allow the wearer to part the hair where they wish and create the illusion of the hair growing directly from the scalp.

The body of this cap has a mixture of hand tied soft fabric section and an open wefted design at the back. This will allow maximum comfort and also help to keep the cap lightweight and will allow air to follow to keep the head cool.

There is also a full lace front which will create a beautifully natural hairline and allow the wearer to style the hair off the face with ultimate confidence.

For extra comfort there are soft material strips at the temple and nape. This allows the cap to sit perfectly against the head without irritation.

The addition of adjustable straps will allow the wearer up to an inch adjustment to fit the head perfectly.

Sentoo Premium

The Sentoo Premium collection is a high quality range of synthetic hair wigs that offers extreme comfort and and quintessentially natural looks for the fashion conscious wig wearer. The designers of the Sentoo premium collection have worked tirelessly meaning you can be confident that should you choose a wig from this collection you'll be left with a superior feel and look.

The Sentoo Premium collection are lace front wigs that have been hand tied onto a monofilament base giving you enhanced realism and a quintessentially natural appearance. With a slightly smaller than average cap to give you the best fit and comfort, perfect for the daily wig wearer. Available in a range of beautiful colours you’ll be sure to find the perfect wig for you within this range

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Wig Cap Sizes

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Wig Hair Types

Synthetic Hair

Colours - Sentoo Premium

131 Medium brown, Copper & Gold blonde blend, 132 Medium grey blend. Graduated darker towards the back, 133 Burgundy blend, 134 Golden and caremel blonde, 135 Medium brown with 15% grey at front & temples, 5% grey at nape, 18 /22 Dark blonde with light blonde highlights, 2/4 Black / Darkest Brown, 20/22 Golden ash blonde, 223 Beige blonde with creamy highlights, 38 Medium grey blend, 4/6 Dark chocolate brown, 436 Dark brown with sandy brown highlights & 20% grey blend, 49 Ash,silver and grey blend, 56 / 60 Pale grey blend, 56 Light grey blend, 60 White grey, 600 Beige grey, 713 Light brown with Ash Blonde highlights, 728T Medium brown & gold blonde blend. Lighter at ends., 740N Dark brown & auburn blend, 767 Chestnut & vibrant copper red, 768 Dark brown with vibrant blonde highlights, 769 Medium brown, light brown & honey blonde blend, 8 Medium Brown, 8/10-20G Medium brown with subtle low lights, 829 Darkest brown with pale copper highlights, A757G Medium brown roots with light brown & blonde highlights, A761G Dark brown roots with Warm brown & blonde highlights, A791G Medium brown roots with blonde tips, S12/10 Medium brown with light brown blend, S456 Darkest brown with silver grey flecks, S637 Dark brown with red brown lowlights, S731 Chestnut red, S770 Warm blonde with Platinum & creamy highlights

  • Fibre Aftercare Instructions

    Washing your Fibre Wig

    1. Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape section.
    2. Fill a hand bowl or sink with tepid water and a little 'T-Range Fibre Shampoo' and very gently agitate your wig or hairpiece back and forth in the water.
    3. Gently rinse off the shampoo leaving no traces of it in the wig or hairpiece. Gently smooth through some 'T-Range Softening Conditioner' to help condition the fibre.
    4. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out.
    5. Pat gently on a towel to remove excess water. Never rub.
    6. Place wig on a 'Polyhead' or 'Collapsible Wig Stand' to dry naturally.
    7. When completely dry, spray with 'T-Range Soft N Sheen' and style accordingly.
    8. For extra hold, apply some 'T-Range Holding Spray' sparingly on piece.
    9. If worn daily, wash every 10 - 14 days otherwise once a month is ok.

    For best results with your Fibre Wig

    We recommend to get the most out of your fibre wig and to prolong the life of it you spray the fibre hair lightly with 'T-Range Soft N Sheen', gently remove any knots and tangles with your fingers before and after wearing.Scrunched permed styles must never be brushed - detangle using your fingers or a wide tooth afro comb.


    • Never use intense heat on your fibre wig, such as Hairdryers, Ceramic Irons, Curling Tongs - This WILL burn the fibres!
    • Avoid opening ovens and standing under overhead heaters whilst wearing your fibre wig!
    • Never wash in hot water!
    • The continual wearing of a fibre wig will result in Friction Frizz especially if your wig is collar length or longer.
    • Fibre wigs need to be replaced more frequently than human hair. The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig is 4-6 months, a mid length wig is between 3-4 months and a long wig is 2-3 months. Please note, these are approximate time frames and are based on every day wear.
    • Fibre hair wigs can NEVER be coloured or bleached.
  • Flexi-Fibre / Cyberhair / V-Hair Aftercare Instructions

    Step-by-step guide to washing Flexi-Fibre

    1. Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape section.
    2. Fill a hand bowl or sink with tepid water and a little 'Trendco Revitalise Wash' and very gently agitate your wig or hairpiece back and forth in the water.
    3. Gently rinse so there are no traces of shampoo. Gently smooth through some 'Trendco Detangling Cream' to help condition the fibre.
    4. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out. For a more intense condition use 'Trendco Intensive Treatment Conditioner'.
    5. Pat gently with a towel remove excess water. Never rub.
    6. Place on a 'Polyhead' to dry naturally or alternatively use heated appliances (see below) on a medium heat to create volume or to style.
    7. Spritz sparingly With 'Trendco Moisture Protection'... this keeps the fibre moisturized.

    Heated Stvlinq aids:

    Flexi-Fibre can be blow-dried, straightened or curled for a completely flexible style. However, heat stylers must NOT exceed 140°. Always use heated appliances with a temperature gauge. If Flexi-Fibre is straightened, it becomes very stubborn and may result in permanent straightness. Using a higher temperature will result in permanent damage to the Flexi-Fibre.

    Flexi-Fibre advice and top tips!

    • Before / after wearing, spray the fibre hair lightly with 'Trendco Moisture Protection', then gently remove any knots and tangles with the fingers.
    • If worn daily wash at least every 7 days.
    • When brushing use a brush with metal prongs, plastic brushes cause the fibre to become static.
    • Avoid opening ovens and standing under overhead heaters whilst wearing a fibre wig.
    • Please note that continual wearing of a fibre wig will result in the fibre frizzing, especially if your wig is collar length or longer, the name for this is Friction Frizz.
    • All fibre Wigs need to be replaced more frequently than human hair. The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig is 4-6 months a mid length (or bob) wig is between 3-4 months and a long wig is 2-3 months; these time frames are approximate and are based on every day wear.
    • Flexi-Fibre cannot be coloured or bleached.
    • All Flexi-Fibre wigs are hand-tied; this allows you to change the hair direction. To create this, dampen the fibre then blow-dry to the desired parting / crown.
    • We do not recommend you sleep in your wig, it will cut the lifespan by at least half.
    • The Silicon on the wig creates extra grip.
    • A recommended way to prevent / ease friction frizz is to steam a wig, this must be done with professional guidance only.
    • The 2 important rules for putting on your wig correctly are to position the wig line at the front 4 fingers width from your brow bone and to ensure the tabs on each side of the wig are evenly positioned so the wig is straight.
  • Human Hair Aftercare Instructions

    Washing your Human Hair wig

    1. Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape area.
    2. Fill a hand bowl or sink with tepid water. Apply a little 'Pureology Hydrate shampoo' evenly and gently agitate the hair into a lather. Repeat twice. Always apply products from the root to tip.
    3. Rinse the wig using tepid water until all traces of shampoo are removed. Never rinse the hair under a high pressured tap.
    4. Squeeze the excess water off the wig.
    5. Gently smooth through some 'Pureology Hydrate conditioner' evenly throughout. Work the conditioner into the hair and comb through carefully. Optional - Apply 'Pureology mask treatment' for that extra softness.
    6. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out.
    7. Pat gently using a towel. Never rub. Spritz some 'Pureology Colour Fanatic' on the hair.
    8. Place the wig on a 'Polyhead'or 'Collapsible Wig Stand' and brush through ready for styling or to dry naturally. (Take great care at this stage to avoid running the teeth of a comb or brush through the knotted roots or foundation as the knots will have absorbed water, this expands and becomes looser when wet. This will revert when the hair becomes dry.)

    For best results with your Trendco Human Hair wig

    All Human hair wigs can be set using the following; Hairdryers, Curling Tongs, Hooded Dryers, Ceramic Irons and Heated Rollers.We recommend that you use 'Pureology' and 'Redken' products when styling your Human hair wig.


    Any type of heated appliance can be used on human hair for the desired style/lookWith our lighter shades of blonde, we recommend you do not exceed 180° on the temperature gaugeAll finishing products from our Redken range are recommended, from hairspray to serums.Should your wig need colouring, please seek professional adviceAll Human Hair wigs fade, this is due to sun and environmental conditions!Longer hair should always be brushed from the ends first!
  • What is the difference between a machine wefted and monofilament wig/hairpiece?
    The term "Machine Wefted" means that the wig/hairpiece has been made by a machine. Because of this, the wig will have Permatease. Permatease is a slight frizz at the root of the fibre hair. This is to hide the machine made cap. Machine wefted wigs/hairpieces are available in the Noriko, Hi Fashion and Stimulate collections.A monofilament top means that the hair has been hand knotted in to the cap on a skin like material to give the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. Monofilament wigs and hairpieces tend to look more natural but are a little bit more expensive because of the hand knotting. Monofilament wigs/hairpieces available in Amore, Noriko, Sentoo Premium and Stimulate collections.
  • How long does a fibre hair wig/hairpiece last?
    The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig/hairpiece is 4-6 months. A mid-length or bob style is between 3-4 months and a long style is 2-3 months; these time frames are a approximate and are based on everyday wear and how well the wig/hairpiece is being looked after.
  • How do I wash my fibre hair wig/hairpiece and how often?
    If you are wearing your fibre hair wig/hairpiece daily, it should be washed every 7-10 days. We recommend that you use T-Range Fibre aftercare products for washing. These products are specially formulated to cleanse fibre hair. Always follow the aftercare instructions that come with your wig/hairpiece.
  • Can my fibre hair wig/hairpiece be coloured?
    No, fibre hair cannot be coloured. Fibre hair does eventually dull with age but it does not fade.
  • Can I use heat on my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?
    No. Never use any kind of heated appliances, this will burn the fibre. Please also be careful when opening oven doors and standing near gas heaters etc. as these can also burn the hair.
  • Can I cut my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?
    All fibre hair wigs/hairpieces already come pre-styled but they can be personalised to suit you i.e. thinned and trimmed but the style cannot be changed completely.
  • Do wigs come in different sizes?
    The size of the caps of the wigs depends on which collection you choose from. Majority of Amore, Noriko and Hi Fashion collections are all one size of 54cm, however the style Sky is available in a large cap size of 57.5cm. Stimulate collection haspetite, average and large sizes available throughout the collection and Sentoo Premium come in 53.5cm caps as well as petite (51cm) and large (55cm) caps. All caps do have an adjustable strap inside so they can be adjusted ever so slightly if needed.
  • My hair has gone frizzy. What does this mean?
    If your fibre hair wig/hairpiece has frizzed at the ends, this is called Friction Frizz. Friction Frizz is unfortunately unavoidable and will happen to medium to long wigs/hairpieces indefinately. Friction Frizz occurs when the fibre hair rubs against clothing i.e. collars of shirts etc. This hair can be trimmed to reduce the amount of Friction Frizz, however it is possibly recommended that a new one is purchased.