Choosing the right wig can be overwhelming so here is an easy-to-read 5 step guide to get you started.

What’s my style?

Here at LoveWigs, we have a huge range of beautiful ladies wigs, and you can search by length, texture and hairstyle. Whether you are looking for a bob wig, curly wig, short or long wig, we have the style for you!

Remember different lengths and styles will compliment different face shapes so you’ll want to choose one that flatters your face shape and gives your wig a natural appearance.

check out our related blog article which matches the best wig style to the 7 different human face shapes here.

What’s my wig size?

When buying wigs online you may be wondering what size to get? An average size wig will fit 95% of our customers and the adjustable straps will work to give you a perfect and secure fit.

To make sure you get the correct size wig we suggest you measure your head using a soft measuring tape.

The main measurement is the circumference of your head from the hairline, behind the ear, to the nape of your neck, behind the second ear and back to the front of the hairline.

What type of hair shall I choose?

Synthetic wigs vs Human Hair wigs, both come with advantages:

Synthetic wigs are affordable and easily maintainable and are still extremely realistic in appearance.

Human hair wigs are more durable, have more versatility and are of higher quality.

You’ll need to decide which is the right choice for you and your situation, take a look at a more detailed list of the pros and cons and check out our easy infographic below:

Synthetic vs Human Hair Infographic

What wig colour shall I choose?

Colour is often personal preference and we have lots of options whether you are looking for a blonde wig, brown wig, red wig or more. If this is your first wig you may want to stay close to your natural shade but don’t be afraid to experiment as you get more confident with wearing a wig.

What wig construction shall I choose?

The construction you choose will dictate how natural your wig looks, how comfortable the wig feels and how durable and affordable a wig is. Each has its own advantages and we have included the common variations with explanations here. Remember you may have a mix of these constructions, for example, you may get a lace front wig that has a monofilament top and is also hand tied.

Wig Cap Constructions

There are a lot of options to think about, but luckily for you, the team here at LoveWigs are more than happy to help, and have been doing so for over 30 years! So have a look at our full range of ladies wigs and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have to our wonderful team!